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It is hard to explain what it feels like when you step onto one of these boards.  There is something about going 20 MPH uphill on a skateboard, and it’s amusing when cars driving next to you are trying to understand how you are keeping up with them.  To be able to cover so much ground without having to pump 300 times to get to your destination is rather amazing.  I will say that as much as you may think this is not a workout, you may want to think again.  After riding 45 minutes on one of these boards, you can hardly feel your legs.  I have been riding skateboards for over 30 years, and I never thought we would have the technology to allow us to take an amazing sport to an even more exciting level.  I encourage you to watch this video, which will provide you with a better understanding of how these boards operate.  

Skater Mike at Age 6

Skater Mike at Age 6



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Has someone ever shared something with you so good that you thought there was no way it could be true?  That’s exactly the way I felt when what I am about to share with you was introduced to me about six months ago.  Before I share a way that will put money back in your pocket for everyday spending, I will tell you that I received a check in my name on Saturday, March 28th.  So this is 100% valid. 

 When you have a few minutes, go to www.fatwallet.com to experience a way to be paid for almost everything you purchase.  To give you an example, I like to shop at Patagonia.com, and now I have a way that pays me back 4 percent for everything I buy from this store.  There are also stores that will pay you as much as 10 percent or more.  So why are they paying us to make the purchases that we would otherwise purchase anyway?  Fat Wallet is essentially a marketing company that allows shoppers to link from their site to thousands of other retailers, and then the retailers benefit from our spending.  The retailers then pay Fat Wallet for bringing people like you and me to various different stores that have a partnership with Fat Wallet.  There are no gimmicks here.  After signing up, you are not obligated to make a purchase, but the next time you buy a pair of shoes from Zappos.com or tools from Sears online, why not receive a surprise check for making these purchases?  After making several purchases, the retailers will validate your purchase, and then they will confirm your purchase with Fat Wallet. There is a small waiting period, but you would be surprised how fast the money adds up.  My first check was over $40, and I have over $50 pending for my second check over the next 30 days.

I was extremely pleased with the professionalism of this organization and the fact that it took three days to receive a check that I requested online from Fat Wallet.com. Thank you, Fat Wallet, for helping me save a few bucks on my recent purchases.  

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CIRCA 1941 

Is it because it’s an American legend, shear ruggedness, the fact that it fought on the lines of a fierce war?  What makes owning one so special?  Some say “You Wouldn’t Understand Unless You Owned One.”  Is it simply because all types of people who pass others wave as if they are from the same family?  It’s almost as if it has its own unique culture.  When you speak to others, there is a tremendous sense of pride of ownership.  There really isn’t a place they won’t take you.  It will always be known for its inherent go-anywhere, do-anything stigma.  For many this offers a hobby, sport, and a lifestyle.  There hasn’t been a brand to date to come close to the simple but original design.  You may have never thought I was referring to a vehicle, but yes, it’s true.  This is one of our world’s most well-known brands, Jeep.

It’s to Jeep that I owe much thanks to the amazing weekends, hot summer days, and family bonding that has gone unmatched.



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Although I will likely be sharing technical-related topics and other interesting information in my corner, I thought I would share a unique story with you.   Approximately 29 years ago when I was eight years old, I was walking in the foothills north of my childhood home in La Verne, California, and I was startled by what I saw embedded into a dirt embankment next to a stream.  Keep in mind that I was alone and frightened by the simple crackling of branches and scattering of lizards in the nearby brush.  I walked up to the embankment to find an image that appeared to be an Indian Chief’s profile which was carved into a stone.  I immediately wiped the dirt off of the rock, and at the same time had goosebumps bigger than you can imagine.  Sure enough it was a large stone with the face of an Indian Chief’s profile.  Although Western Indian Artifacts are known to have been found in the foothills in this part of California, nothing of this size, clarity, and profound artistry have been seen to date. 


So in order to take a hold of this unique prize, I would have to somehow conjure up a way to get this boulder home, and due to the weight being more than 50 percent of my body weight, this was no easy task.  I decided to go back home, which was about a one-and-a-half-mile trek, to bring back my famous Radio Flyer Wagon, but before I left, I was so concerned that someone else would find this artifact.  I went home anyway and took the chance.   Sure enough, when I arrived with my wagon, the rock was still there.   


Now the question that ran through my mind was “How am I going to get this rock into my wagon?”  To this day I still have a hard time understanding how I was able to transfer the rock from the hillside into the wagon.  This was a pure case of what happens when your adrenaline is pumping and immediately takes over.  The end result was that I made it back safely with the rock in my possession.  I can’t quite remember what my mom and dad said when I brought this home, but for the three to four remaining years in my childhood home, the front lawn under our famed White Birch Tree was its home.


The interesting part of this story is not so much about the rock, but about how I was recently reunited with this artifact.  Four years after finding this artifact, my parents decided to move from my childhood home, and we unknowingly left the rock behind.  As the years went by, I always had thoughts about this find during my childhood.  I would regularly make an effort to drive by the home where I was raised, but there was no sign of the rock.  Years continued to go by, and I would always share this story about the rock with my two sons.  Nick and Noah would constantly ask me if we can go by the house and ask the new owners if they still had the rock just so that we could see it, but with no intentions of regaining ownership since over 29 years had passed. 


Late in 2008 the boys and I gained enough courage to make a phone call to Brenda, the owner of the home.  What is interesting is that I was unable to get the phone number as it wasn’t listed, but one day the phone number came to me out of the blue since Brenda’s son was a very good friend of mine and I must have called the home at least 100 times during my childhood.  Nick decided that he would call Brenda and ask about the rock, and when Brenda answered, Nick was nervous and wasn’t comfortable asking her; so he passed the phone to me.  I first asked Brenda how the family was, and after several minutes of conversation, I explained the story about the rock to her.  She mentioned that over all of these years she and her husband thought that one of the artistically talented Vitale boys must have carved this piece of artwork.


In her extremely polite manner, Brenda instantly offered to allow us to come by the house in the next 24 hours to see the rock and that not only was she going to allow us to see the rock, but she asked me to not tell the boys so she could surprise them and allow us to take the rock home with us.  24 hours later the boys and I took a trip to Brenda’s house, and she said, “I am so excited that you are able to share this with the boys.”  She mentioned how the rock had not been seen for years as the leaves and branches were covering it for many years when it was transplanted from the front yard to the backyard. 


Sure enough after getting on our knees and moving several branches and debris, there it was as I remembered 29 years ago.  It didn’t look any different.  We turned the hose on and cleaned the dirt off the rock, and you wouldn’t believe the look on my two boys’ faces.  They had had many thoughts of what this rock looked like by my storytelling, but this really brought it to life and made what was once a story, a reality.


Many people ask if I have made an effort to understand what the monetary value of this rock would be and who possibly created it, but the personal attachment to this artifact would likely far outweigh any dollar amount that it could potentially be worth.  Who would have thought that a rock could have such a telling story and, even more, a priceless value.


When looking at the pictures below, imagine being eight years old and coming across something so profound.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story.






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