About Us

Me, Noah, Nick & Mike

I’m Kristi, and this gorgeous man to my far left is my husband, Mike. We met when we were teenagers and began dating on Mike’s graduation night the year 1990. We never looked back and the adventure began. Mike and I married on August 22nd, 1994, in Maui, Hawaii. We currently reside in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Our first son, Nicholas, came into this world in 1995. He is our gifted musician and mathematician whose life is filled with fierce soccer matches. I have always believed Nicholas to be an old soul who carries with him a calmness, a kindness, and wisdom beyond his years.

Our second son, Noah, made his grand entrance in 1997. Get your cameras ready because Noah will be on the Red Carpet one day. Noah is a passionate actor and strong leader whose maturity, memory, athleticism, and intelligence amaze me daily.

The furbabes of our family are our four dogs: Darby, Sweetie, Jack, and Layla; respectively, a white miniature poodle, a chocolate brown toy poodle/Maltese mix, a black standard poodle, and our Yorkie puppy. Wherever we go, they go too.

Mike began his climb in the wireless industry in 1993. He is now Senior Vice President of Sales for a secure messaging software developer. Mike is not only known as the tech guy around here, but he is also a MAJOR Jeep and early Bronco enthusiast. He lives for the next off-road adventure, and if he’s not in one set of four wheels, he’s on another, his skateboard.

In 1994, I became a Certified Shorthand Reporter. I love the court reporting profession dearly and worked as a deposition reporter from 1994 through 2003. You can find me in the yard full of dirt or on the couch delving into a delicious book or gossip magazine. I love a great picture and always have my camera hanging around my neck, or nowadays mostly my iPhone 4s.

But Nick and Noah are the center of our galaxy. They are the sun, and life just simply revolves around them. Our purpose in this life as their blessed parents is to take our two beautiful boys and show them the world.

Join us on our journey as we share our stories, strive to reach our dreams and goals, and give opinions and laughs. May you find inspiration in our family and ultimately live your life to the fullest.

This is our website.


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