Tiny Beautiful Things ~ Cheryl Strayed


Write her a letter seeking advice. If you’re fortunate, she’ll write you back. Your confidant is Cheryl Strayed, writer of the memoir and self-revealing hiking trek known as Wild, set to hit theaters with Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern this week. Only here in our December book choice she is just Sugar, an anonymous soul on the other end of your internet, giving advice for free, no doubt finding solace and therapy as her payment for helping others see the light. This book is a collection of those real-life desperate letters and truthful answers over the years. Some Sugar responses are long, luxurious, raw, bearing visions from her life, sharing feelings from her soul; others are short and sweetly succinct, both just have to humanly move you in at least some small, I’ve-been-there-sort-of way. They sure hit me, safely swooped me right up. I never saw it coming.

The beauty of all these pages is witnessing Cheryl Strayed’s vulnerability, her nonjudgmental gift to you, Sugar’s words, words you may not often say, but think, experiences you can’t fathom living, hopelessly can’t help imagining. She is the amazing, gifted writing talent who found Mindful Reader respect long ago. Now I think I just dig her even more. So read Tiny Beautiful Things and release judgment; let Cheryl’s life learned be her credentials earned; I hope you find inspiration as well.

In the end and looking back, to love this book, maybe you just have to be a little broken, where some of your delicate pieces of the heart have fallen, scattered, messy, been blown by the harsh wind of reality. Maybe you’re yearning for an honest friend overflowing with life stories, one who lives and loves with abandon, ready to walk right through your door and hold you, tell you you’ve done good, that everything will be alright, and that she’s been with you all along in your walk to reach that high mountaintop. Maybe this book is for those readers who just need a tiny bit of long-lost, beautiful saving grace. 5/5 stars ~ k

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