The Beach House ~ Mary Alice Monroe


Head eastward and there you’ll find the beautiful sanctuary of the beach house, Primrose Cottage, resting in the Isle of Palms along the vast, fierce Atlantic Ocean, where loggerhead sea turtles amaze and inspire and always return to the sandy beach dunes to continue on in their circle of life in that humanly admired peaceful pace. If you listen, if you observe closely with intention, they will pass that unknowingly graced nonchalance and ancient intelligence onto you — I suppose in hopes that we all learn to live at a turtle’s pace with that turtle neverending determination, virtues that we must believe are truly so important. This may be where you belong. You may never want to leave.

This easy-flowing novel, a serenity Mary Alice Monroe gifts to all her writings, has an undercurrent of love: A budding relationship; family love; baby love; the love of where we all call home; most importantly, a mother’s love and the love of those brilliant sea turtles; and in the end, most wonderfully, the everlasting “love of our life.”

Who doesn’t love nature and all of its beauty? This book, The Beach House, begins an evolution for Mary Alice Monroe to commence writing about the intricacies and similarities among nature and human nature – gorgeous animals, they really are like us in more ways than you could ever imagine in one moment of pondering about it. Read a Mary Alice Monroe novel and you’re not only gifted a free-spirited, gracious, emotional story filled with inspiration and life lessons, but you’re also given wise knowledge of various animal life, the very nature she is so passionately committed to protecting. Loving one of her books means you hopefully read the last breathtaking page, close the charming cover, pass the story onto another reader, and then go out into the big, bright, beautiful world of nature and do something little, do something great for all of its glory, all of those beautiful creatures we must never forget, the defenseless we must always defend, the helpless we, as humans, must always and forever help, comfort, nourish, and aid for as long as earthly possible. 5/5 stars ~ k

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