Me Before You ~ Jojo Moyes


We all read to be transported someplace else. Sometimes we turn pages to escape feelings. We all definitely read to feel, to laugh. We read to think; sometimes we judge, or I’ll say analyze, carefully, silently, honestly. And if you’re super lucky, you’ll find a book so amazing you’re high-fiving the author in your mind as you turn paper, press the page-turning button, swipe the screen. You’ll admire the author’s ability to pen great words, smooth sentences, to show you lovely and complex fictional people, to write humorously, wittingly. You’ll thank wisdom and talent for inviting you on the most wonderful of rides. Oftentimes you just can’t believe an author’s written glory grabbed ahold of you so perfectly, unforgettably. That great book may mirror a present state of reality in our times of life, which hits it closer to home. It may stir a quiet fire within you.

If you’re sweetly fortunate, as the Mindful Readers are this month, your chosen read will also be a love story so beautiful and real you’ll be a reader full of delicate beauty and crazy despair, releasing tears all over your face, your hands, arms, pages. And then you’ll talk about it, tell whomever will listen, whomever you think would adore this recommended, almost-unfathomable gift. You’ll think about your own life, the choices you would make if living in that smart book’s reality. You’ll tuck away someplace safe to cherish and remember the way this bright red book changed you, made you live differently, in enhanced awareness, appreciation. You’ll remember the way this unique book made you just live.. and live well. Read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Each one of us gave it the highest possible of praises. It’s simply one of the best books around. 5/5 stars ~ k

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Courage. Simplicity. Kindness. Blog, walk & read daily. Laugh, love & breathe deeply. Live your life. ~ k
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