Big Little Lies ~ Liane Moriarty


BIG LITTLE LIES is SO MUCH FUN. A novel mirroring, again, the unfortunate headline news. A who-dunnit and will-do-it mystery. A powerful subject matter never to be taken lightly in fiction. Lovely people. Annoying people. One nasty, sinister soul. And one murder. That’s all I’ll say. This story glides smoothly, suspensefully along, and the less you know the better off you’ll be. But when this book ends and those truths are told, there’s something that stays with you, visions you can’t seem to let go, an understanding for a painful fall from grace, a guilty peace for karmic revenge. Your mind, a whirlwind of thoughts, opinions, and emotions – wordy ingredients for a great book. 4/5 stars ~ k


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