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Who will save our elephants? Who will save our rhinos? Who will do all they can do, or even just a little something, to protect these majestic beauties from poaching if our world doesn’t come together and stop them from extinction? Or at least try, at least try and help in some way. I know there are so many causes out there. I know there is help needed in so many areas. I know it seems like our world, even our country, is falling apart. But this plight may be one where you just might want to place your efforts next.

This one is urgent. 2025, a little over ten years from now, if ivory poaching continues at its current speed, there could be not one elephant left in South Africa’s wildlife. How could that even be possible? The Western black rhino is already officially extinct.

Say no to elephant ivory. You can start there. And whatever ignorance they do with rhino horn, nix that from your needs too.

Below is a very graphic video. I feel uncomfortable posting it. My readers are uncomfortable watching it. But this video will show you man’s evilness, man’s insanity, man’s greed. It will show you that man makes a decision to live with no heart, no soul, and no conscience. Not something normal, sane people care to see. No.

But what this video may do is push you to that brink of action. It did me. And that is the only reason it resides here on my site. I hate turning a blind eye on reality. I feel so helpless to actually provoke a change in this slaughter. I may even delete this post as I did on Facebook. It will stay up until I feel it no longer serves its purpose.

After watching it yesterday morning, we fostered the enchanting baby elephant above yesterday evening. Her name is Kamok, and she is our contribution to elephant life and our hope for poaching stoppage.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a well-known and significantly respected safe haven for wildlife, and this is where I turned to. This is where Kamok resides safely, for now. This is where I go online when I want to find animal peace. It’s where I go when I want to be reminded that there are good people in this world. Kamok has a beautiful story. You can read her page here. Make sure to watch her video. It will make you smile big. I want to watch her grow. They found her a day old; she will no doubt be a ham for her keepers and love them deeply. I hope she lives a wonderful life free from harm. I know my yearly fostering fee will help, and the monthly updates of Kamok from the orphanage will keep up the fight in my heart. is having the biggest international elephant march in history this Friday, October 4. Go to their website and sign the digital march petition. Maybe they’re even marching near you. Now, THAT would be fun. It’s a peaceful march with strict guidelines.

Go to and see all the greatness being accomplished. After viewing the story of Geza in the video below, perhaps that will be the direction your heart runs. is another never-give-up group of people working hard for the rhino.

There are dedicated lives in our government funding help for these threatened angels. Celebrities and sports figures have jumped on the bandwagon too. But due to the demand for ivory in China and other countries, and after reading in a recent article that watering holes are now being poisoned with cyanide and in turn killing large amounts of not only elephants, but other precious wildlife, I know in my heart perhaps me and definitely my children will live to see elephant extinction. For this, I cry. I can’t shake this darn helplessness I feel, this heavy, heavy disappointment in human life and its unstoppable destruction of God’s given Earth.

Below is the story of Geza. She was an orphan rhino rescued and returned into the wild. She met a horrible death from poaching. But Dr. William Fowlds is hoping her story will motivate you into action… even if it’s just in some small way, like mine.

I hope it does too. ~ k


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