Return To Me


Let us dance in the sun, wearing wildflowers in our hair… ~ Susan Polis Shutz

Here’s my striking Mexican Bird of Paradise surprise blooming right up out of a pot in the front yard; a remnant from last summer comes back to brilliance. It always amazes me when an abandoned stump decides to put me in my place, proudly exclaiming, “Hey, You! Don’t give up on me over here!”

I love these gifts of gardening. It reminds me to dig those holes year-round in the empty spaces of my garden, transplant the dying tabletop daisies and other perennials with their still viable roots, and rest assured they’ll return to me one day.

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2 Responses to Return To Me

  1. tclearyn3 says:

    such a pretty plant/flower Kristi! I love “Plant”surprises too! 2 years ago, a friend brought me a Mexican Cactus plant, the one that blooms only once a year at the holidays…Usually, I kill those things quickly…but this one just keeps thriving and growing in the same pot it came in! I just leave it alone and water as little as possible!

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