Night Road ~ Kristin Hannah

Night Road

Ahhh, Night Road, the name alone is intriguing; the cover, catching and beautiful; and the book, a page turner. Mom, Jude Farraday. Son, Zach. Daughter, Mia — inseparable twins. Devoted Dad, Miles. Steadfast best friend to Mia and first love to Zach, Lexi. And, lastly, one crucial moment in time, never to be erased, never to be forgotten, no hands of time to turn back.

You will judge. You will criticize. You may say no, no, Jude’s doing it all wrong. I did. Or perhaps her actions may mirror yours under the same circumstances in Night Road. We’re all just human beings trying to make it work, doing our best to keep it together, doing what we deem right for our family, following our hearts.

I write vaguely here as to not give away what I never saw coming myself: Mom misses the boat big time, doesn’t see the big picture and all that is right before her eyes. She parents with neuroticism, yet is oddly and ironically negligent in the most important areas of all. She fails the fragile souls who need her at the most desperate times. But hindsight is 20/20 and who am I to judge. I’ve never walked in Jude’s shoes.

This story will move your heart and make you think about your own ability to forgive, love over heartache and loss, and live deeply and presently for those who need you and all that you are.

There’s beauty in this novel. There’s innocence. There’s huge, courageous, gorgeous, grateful love, redemption, and forgiveness. And really, that’s what life is all about. That’s what gets us up in the morning. That’s how we live life to the fullest.

Another thought-provoking novel by Kristin Hannah. This book spun my wheels. The Farraday family has influenced me in so many remarkable ways.

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3 Responses to Night Road ~ Kristin Hannah

  1. This books sounds interesting. Not what I would normally read, but I do like books that make me think about things differently.

  2. Well, thankfully, I don’t have a teenager. Though it wasn’t too long ago that I was one.

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