Message Board: Kristi ~ Enjoy The Rain

2012, huge hopes for a year of tranquility, peace, being present, getting stuff done, savoring the youth of life, reading 50 books (yes, i can do it!!), shopping my closet, visiting Goodwill with my unneededs, reuniting with Maui, and keeping the pursuit of those neverending quotes, sayings, lyrics, whatever it takes to brighten the day and raise the mood.

This dry erase message board is on rotation. Saturdays and Wednesdays it’s updated by a different member of the family. And if it’s wonderful and clever enough, it hits Live Vitale’s feed.  Let’s see how contagious that quote obsession of mine is….


About LiveVitale

Courage. Simplicity. Kindness. Blog, walk & read daily. Laugh, love & breathe deeply. Live your life. ~ k
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