My 2011 Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Well, it was another exciting Super Bowl as the Packers swiped the Steelers 31 to 25, and over the course of a few hours, Doritos, Pepsi Max, Darth Vader, a beaver, and a little Etrade baby gave us all great laughs. Although it was a night of comically violent commercials, I must say. Rihanna’s Doritos Exclusive Who’s That Chick music video was nowhere to be seen, but I found it in the CrashtheSuperBowl YouTube website and found myself singing along.

Oh, and I’d say winning $400 bucks in a Super Bowl pool for 2nd and 3rd quarters was just icing on the cake.  Yes!  It sure is fun to win.  Until we meet again, Super Bowl….  


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One Response to My 2011 Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

  1. Mike Vitale says:

    Nice! Now how did I get rid of my heartburn and indigestion from that bowl of queso and broccoli salad?

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