His Other Wireless Device

Skater Mike at Age 6

Skater Mike at Age 6

Mike has been on a skateboard all his life.  We’ll be outside together in the front yard, and it’s difficult to keep this free spirit from rolling away.  For the past two years, Altered Electric Skateboards have propelled him all over town.  He’s totally unstoppable.  

For his Corner, Mike and Nick put together this introduction into electric skateboarding.  Please visit Mike’s Corner for his full boarding update.

Enjoy the moment as you are now taken on his wild ride.

Mobile phone users, you know what to do:  Skateboarding is not a crime. 


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5 Responses to His Other Wireless Device

  1. Mike Vitale says:

    I could use that board right now in this Canadian freeway construction.

  2. Carla says:

    This is so icarly. hehe. I had a totally different image in my head about how these boards look after Mando explained them to me. I was thinking it looked like a motorized skooter (with handles). This video is very cool and well done. I was imagining you, Kristi, following Mike in your golf cart trying to record him. lol. I wanna get one of these boards now. Good advertising!!!

    • livevitale says:

      Alright, Alright…I have to give credit where credit is due. Nick was on his bike filming dad the whole time…every once in a while, you’ll see the handlebars pop into the film. Too cute. 🙂

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