LAX Twilight Landing

Ahhhhhhhh. I think landings are pretty much the coolest part of flying. Take-offs, yeah, they’re fun too, but they bring scary thoughts of things going wrong. I first set foot on a commercial plane at about seven, visiting my grandma in Washington D.C.  To this day, I remember being mesmerized by the miniaturization of L.A.’s little driving cars and their headlights, street lamps bordering tiny streets and houses as we descended and eventually landed at LAX.  For just a few moments, the world below became toylike in my eyes.  

I think I would forgo Sugarcult’s “Los Angeles” as a theme song for this great video and maybe throw in something cleaner like “1901” by Phoenix. But, hey, it works. If you’re really clever, though, you can play LAX, press mute, click into YouTube to play “1901,” minimize, and replay. Enjoy.


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