Palm Trees & Snowflakes

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“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.” ~ Carl Reiner

All right.  It is absolutely beautiful, but I’m with Carl; I prefer to admire these breathtaking views from a far, far distance, keeping my hands, face, and feet warm.  Although, I must admit, our day trip to Wrightwood last winter in the Jeep was a memorable one of snowmen and snowball fights and long, steep walks for three snow-deprived kids in the knee-deep white powder — okay, two teens and one husband young at heart.  I still love to look at photos of that day, puts a big smile on my face.

We’ve had a nice snowfall dusting in the foothills over the last few days.  In a few of these photos, my camera actually shows the tall trees in the snow, something you can’t usually see unless you break out the binoculars. 

But Christmas break is over, and school’s back in session.  As Noah prepares for his school trip to Boston and Washington DC in March and his academic pentathalon in April and Nick fiercly conquers his first semester of high school and helps lead the Grizzlies in their undefeated soccer season, life on the island in the New Year is in full wonderful force.

As for me at the moment, I’ll admire this view on our daily walks up Etiwanda Avenue and out of my family room windows with my head stuck in my Kindle.

Life is good.  Thanks again, Rain.


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