Here sits a serious bird chaser.  No, she doesn’t care about the sparrows and the doves, the blue jays and the finches.  She’s no dummy.

She hates crows and egrets.  Just like me.  So when the crows decide to land in my clean fountains to drink and relieve themselves, or when the egrets decide a nice-sized koi sounds perfect for lunch, the only words needed are, “Darby, GET THE BIRDS.”  And then she becomes unstoppable.  Not even Jack can catch her.  Shoot, she takes off so fast, Jack’s usually still trying to figure out what all the commotion is about. 

Then just picture crows scattering and squawking in all directions, or a gimongous white (or, lately, a determined and annoying grey) egret with a 5-foot wingspan taking off like there’s no tomorrow.  And then one proud and happy white poodle prancing back to Momma.  I trained her well.

Before deciding to take watch in the picture above, our smart girl had just chased off a couple crows in the backyard fountain.    

Today is mobile grooming day for Darby.  And then she’s back to work as the backyard security guard. 

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