Three Little Birds

These bathing beauties found a fresh start after the week’s worth of rain we have been graced with for mid October in Southern California. I try to keep the three bird feeders throughout my property filled at all times so these guys stay full, fat, and happy.  My plan is to buy a really hip birdhouse one day and cement it on a pole into the ground with the hopes that my loyal winged friends will call my home their home too.

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2 Responses to Three Little Birds

  1. Stephanie Smith says:

    Great pictures! I have never seen those types of birds flying around here. I have seen a red wing bird.

  2. livevitale says:

    We have quite a few of the yellows; they’re so bright and always in the water, but the red, fluffy guy surprised me! I guess I’ve just never noticed the “pink/red” before.

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