Jack Johnson’s Into The Sea Tour

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2 Responses to Jack Johnson’s Into The Sea Tour

  1. Love your website! My husband and I just shared a flight from Oakland to Ontario with your husband , and he couldn’t stop raving about you, your blog and your family.

    As a long-time journalist as well as book lover, I have to say that your site… and your book club… are intriguing. Consider yourself book marked!

    And please tell Michael that I appreciate him sharing his info and enthusiasm about Blackberry. I am a Blackberry fan!

    Deborah White
    Liberal Politics at About.com
    Part of the New York Times Company

  2. livevitale says:

    Hi, Deborah!! Mike told me all about meeting you and your husband in-flight, and he had so many amazing things to say about your conversation. Thanks for your thoughtful comments; I’m so happy you enjoy our site…and that you’re a fellow book lover!! Yes, Mike is your go-to BlackBerry guy, no doubt about that. Well, take care, and I hope to chat again soon!

    ~ Kristi

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