A Little Bit Of Magic On A Santa Clarita Mountain


We’ve returned from the sunny, rolling hills of Santa Clarita, California, as our Flames conquered the Soccer Showdown and enjoyed another fun-filled, pizza eating, swimming, yet exhausting weekend.

This is the U14 Boys’ 6th soccer tournament for the 2010 season, which puts us a little over halfway through our journey together.  Time is flying.

The Showdown started with an 8:00 am game against North Valley at Sierra Vista Junior High.  It was a great, hardworking game, ending in an even tie of 1 to 1. 

Next, we all rounded up and headed back to the hotel to take advantage of the perfect picture spot high atop a parking structure overlooking Six Flags Magic Mountain.  We had wanted to take our picture with this view last season and never did.  I’m happy to have this memory now. 

Our next match was set for 1:00 pm against Carpenteria.  And as the game commenced, from past experience, I would say, for the most part, Carpenteria was on their best behavior in their own game of kickball, aside from the elbow to our player’s throat, sending him to the ground, and ultimately resulting in a yellow card for both players involved.  (Me: *** blink blink ***)  Let’s just say I’m missing the picture on that one.  But moving on, this game proudly ended in another 1 to 1 tie.

We were off now to relax, swim, chomp on some Italian food, and look ahead to our 9:45 am Sunday game rivaling Granda Hills.  This weekend was one of our traveling tournaments.  Some of the boys’ most memorable moments happen during these hotel stays.  This one didn’t disappoint; the Flames had a blast hanging with the U14 Flames girls.

The buzz for Sunday at Hart High School was we needed a win, a good one, and hopefully we would move on to a consolation match for third or fourth place later in the day.  Flames did win.  The score, 1 to 0; the game, very intense.  

In the end, we had tied North Valley for second place in our pool, but unfortunately a point was deducted for our yellow card in Game 2, sending us packing up and heading home at a too early time of 11:00 am on Sunday morning.

Sure, I saw some magic on the soccer fields last weekend.  But I know there’s even more just ready and waiting in the hearts of the RC Flames.  Each of you, pull something out of your soccer beanies for us.  We’re ready for the show.

One of the most amazing matches of last year’s Select season was a drizzling evening match against Chino Hills at the Walnut Spring Fling 2009 tournament.  It wasn’t a high-scoring game.  We actually tied them 1 to 1.  But it was a redemption game because Chino Hills had taken us down hard a month prior.  We’re back.

Next stop:  Spring Fling, Walnut, California, April 30th, May 1st and May 2nd.  GO FLAMES!!!

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