Model Home ~ Eric Puchner (The Mindful Readers Book Club Selection No. 12)

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Here come the Zillers, one downright, spiraling-out-of-control, crazy family where the only normal signs of life seem to be the family dog, known as Mr. Leonard, and an occasional fleeting peacock.  This Palos Verdes, California, party of five will have you cringing from their language, gasping at their way of life, and laughing at their witty moments. 
Model Home details the desperate meltdown — financially, emotionally — of a 1980’s family like no other, at least not resembling one I’ve ever known.  Trust me, you’ll be wondering what on Earth the next ridiculous action will be from a few of the main personalities, all the while your heart just breaking for a few other character victims.
So as I listen to the classic Tom Petty’s “Learning To Fly” as I write this review, I must say the heart of this book is a testament to life choices and actions and how those decisions may ultimately determine your life experiences, your fate, and the destiny of others. 

It is a story laced with perceptions, how one person views something and how another views it entirely differently, and perhaps, like the Ziller family, with tragic consequences.

To me, Model Home is a novel with a deep moral, a message intertwined with the importance of truthfulness, and the circumstances and outcomes realized when the truth is hidden…and when it is set free.

The Mindful Readers were fortunate to have Model Home and Music Through The Floor author Eric Puchner join our discussion via telephone, where he graciously answered our grilling questions and listened to our thoughts and perceptions of his novel.  With irony and a little chuckle from us all, it was interesting to see how I eagerly, yet unsuccessfully, tried to tie in a metaphor here and there in a book where none existed.  But, hey, there it is:  My impression, my perception, took me for a ride while differing greatly from another.  Mission accomplished, Eric Puchner.  Very “awe-much.”  You’re one cool dude.   And Model Home is one good book.

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6 Responses to Model Home ~ Eric Puchner (The Mindful Readers Book Club Selection No. 12)

  1. Stephanie Smith says:

    This must be the picture that Dawn cracked her joke.

  2. Carla says:

    I missed you guys!

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