A Winter In Wrightwood

Wintery Wrightwood

We drove up to Wrightwood last Sunday to show the boys what it’s like to romp in all that white stuff we see from a distance (or what I would call seeing comfortably) from our home upon the foothills.  It’s called snow, and neither of them, especially Noah, has spent much time doing what kids love to do in the powder.  So we thought we would stop depriving them and I would just get over worrying about being cold.

Once we parked, the two of them jumped out of the Jeep like two snow cubs and were long gone.  They could have fallen down some hillside or caused an avalanche of their own and we wouldn’t have seen it.

But the pictures I took of this day can be described in one word:  Amazing.  The sun was out and the snow was so deep and white and powdery.   A storm had just passed through the days preceding.

I am choosing to post these pics one at a time throughout the winter so you can enjoy them individually.  This is a moment where less is more.  Enjoy.


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2 Responses to A Winter In Wrightwood

  1. epicswife says:

    Those mountains are just beautiful !!! Awe inspiring – thanks so much for sharing !!!!

    • livevitale says:

      Thank you, Melanie!! Good luck with your blogging adventures. I have been blogging for just about a year now. I love it. It’s a wonderful way to express yourself and inspire others; it makes you appreciate the little things in life, too. Soon you will have so many wonderful posts that you’ll be trying to figure out a way to store them so they are never forgotten, yet have them easily available for viewers to see. Keep in touch. Kristi 🙂

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