Jack In The Car

Jack In The Car

Jack and I went for a little car ride the other night, being that the girls just love riding in the car and I really want him to have the desire to stick his head out the window and enjoy the ride like Darby and Sweetie.  Something about that just makes me smile.  Laugh to myself actually.

So he is really getting more comfortable now.  He’s not showing signs of car sickness where he drools and just kinda looks at the ground as if he’s about to upchuck any moment.  No, now he will actually make eye contact with me as if he’s saying, “I kinda like this, Mom.”  And occasionally I’ll catch him taking in the sights through the window.

But on this night when I went around and opened up his door and proceeded to grab him in my arms and carry him out, he did this climbing thingy where he walked his hind legs backwards up the seat.  I have no idea what he was thinking or doing.  And he probably thought the same of me as I got out my BlackBerry to catch his goofball moment on camera and snapped about ten pictures of him.

Oh, Jack, you are just so much fun, I love it.  And you.


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One Response to Jack In The Car

  1. Carla says:

    This is a great pic. He is funny!!

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