You’re Getting Sleepy…



You're getting sleepy...

...very sleepy

very sleepy.  I just love this dog so darn much.  Wherever I am, well, so is she.  If I had to use one sentence to describe this baby, it would be “This dog loves life.” 

As you may know, we adopted Darby, a white-as-just-fallen-snow purebred miniature poodle, from the local animal shelter just over three years ago.  She was an approximate six-week-old stray pup found wandering on the local Banyan Avenue, wearing a tiny, pink Valentine cupid shirt. There were about eight families there to adopt her the morning she became available, and at this time families were chosen by a lottery — whoever picked the highest-numbered poker chip out of the bag won the prize. 

When it was our turn to choose, I nodded to Mike to be the one to place his hand inside the bag as luck seems to follow my husband like flies on doggie poop.  Number 74 it was, the winning chip.  He picked it.  And this quiet puppy with big paws and newly grown white hair flowing everywhere came home with us.  We still have the cream-colored, round, plastic token with “74” written in black Sharpie to remember the one time we really hit the jackpot and actually brought it back home with us.

I was reading on the little couch the other day, and she jumped up onto the bigger couch across from me, turned in circles a few times, let out a grumpy grunt as if to protest “Ugh, doesn’t anybody take walks around here anymore?” arranged the pillows a bit with her strong paws, and was fast asleep before I could finish one page.  I just love how dogs are like that, just wanting to be wherever you are.  As I write this post, I have Bella under my feet resting and Darby and Sweetie horsing around in Bella’s pink bed with the pillow thrown out across the bedroom as if to tease, “Ah-ha, Belllaaa, Gotchyour bed!  We’re playing in YOUR bed!”

And as for that head of hair?  It’s plain and simple.  She has the most awesome coat, all curly-qued and soft.  Her body is always groomed short, but the ringlets on her head and ears I’ll never cut. 

Darby sleeping, again.

Okay, rise and shine.  Ready for food or a walk!


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4 Responses to You’re Getting Sleepy…

  1. Glad to hear my home is not the only one that has sibling rivalries.

  2. Mike Vitale says:

    That’s my girl Darby. Kristi didn’t mention Darby knows how to sit, give paw and roll over. Oh, and she has bad breath and she is afraid of the dark. Mothers always seem to forget those other qualities.

  3. hockeysocks3 says:


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