Hana, Here We Come ~ Day 5

The Most Beautifully Breezy Morning

The Most Beautifully Breezy Morning

Armando, Carla, and Adrian had arrived Sunday evening, and on Monday, we had a full day planned.  First off, we had hoped that along with their wonderful presence, our fun-loving friends would bring with them the cool Hawaiian breezes, and that they did.  Our Day 5 was the most beautiful day yet of our vacation, starting the morning off with amazingly fresh, warm winds, sans humidity.  The island’s greens were greener and the ocean’s blues were bluer.  It was a glorious day.

We decided to rent a van so we could enjoy the sights and laughter together.  So we jumped into our black Kia Sedona and headed out to take on The Road to Hana.  THE ROAD TO HANA.  And I say that with much emphasis and caution.  What a road it was.  That story comes later.

First we had to show our friends the beauty of the cliffs and beaches of Mama’s Fish House.  Within a half hour of our pitstop, it started to warmly sprinkle on us.   So we piled back into our comfy cruiser and headed towards Hana to see just how far we could get.

Yay, Armando, Carla, and Adrian are here!

Yay, Armando, Carla, and Adrian are here!

Ka'anapali waters

Noah, Nick & Adrian

Mando, Adrian, & Carla

Noah, Me, Mike & Nick (in the background)

Carla & Mando

Carla & Mando

Mando & Mike


Adrian & Nick

Adrian & Nick

Someone was Just Married in Maui!


Noah's eye caught a lizard

Mama's Fish House views

Mama's Fish House sands

Maui Coconuts

It's starting to rain!  Let's go!

Great pic, Noah!

Raining on Pa'ia


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5 Responses to Hana, Here We Come ~ Day 5

  1. Carla says:

    This day was definitely something to remember!! From our survival from the giant ant monster to Mike’s wild honking act to the “man with the camera” and a sad Hana finish of Noah getting car sick. We had a good night too with Lulu’s and a little swimming. Oh! And poor Noah’s encounter/fight with the trash can. He had a bad evening huh?? Hopefully his bruising has improved since. Thanks for posting these pictures!!

    • livevitale says:

      I am so just laughing out loud right now. What a day. I think I’m still swerving back and forth, back and forth, and then turning around and just doing it all over again. How will I ever tell it all?

      • Mando says:

        We cant forget the poor doggies we saw, giving us the evil eye, the crazy boar, and the start of “Warning Warning, this the Nishmaru” I wont forget Mike’s reaction when he learned we had to take the same route home. Thanks Mike for driving and entertaining us. This was a fun day.

  2. Carla says:

    And the peacock chasing us for food when we drove away!!

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