Music To My Ears

Oahu find

Oahu find

Cost Plus find

Oahu find

Rite Aid find

Home Goods find

Home Goods find

Oahu find

Anybody that has been in my backyard during the summertime has definitely noticed that I’m the total CRAZY WIND CHIME LADY.  I am completely obsessed about collecting as many of these shell and bamboo-adorned tree hangers as possible.  The shell collections you see pictured were picked up from roadside vendors in Oahu when we visited in 2008 and also from our local Home Goods.  My tranquil bamboo chimes were also found around town from Home Goods and, believe it or not, Rite Aid. 

When the Santa Ana winds arrive in October, my delicate brood goes into the garden shed until springtime.  Then come May, safe from the 70-mile-an-hour gusts, it’s a wonderful day when they come out to play.  Okay.  So the fact that I probably have around 15 or so scattered — sure.  okay.  maybe more — around the yard does make me a little obsessive, I know.  But it’s not like I have OCD about dark chocolate or something — well, maybe I do about that too.  Okay.  So it’s not as if I am really crazy about garden flags or something as ridiculous as that — okay.  I really love those too.  Shoot.

Okay.  That’s a whole different day, different post.  

We are heading to Hawaii this summer with our friends Mando, Carla, Adrian, Wayne, Teresa, Cameron and Cris.   So not only does that mean you will be seeing some great pictures and posts, but I WILL BE adding to my exotic tinkling collection.

Mobile phone users can view Jack and Curious George here.


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