A Room With A View

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Well, we are one giant leap closer to our guesthouse goal.  The foundation is complete, and along with it came plumbing and electrical hookups to our preexisting stubs added when we had our pool and landscaping completed four years ago.
Mike and I were pleasantly surprised to see the natural slope of the land required us to elevate the entire structure’s foundation 12 inches, giving us a nice two-step entrance and a view higher than we could imagine.
So the workers have gathered up their tools and supplies, as this phase we have been eager to start for so long is now complete.  The second phase of this project will encompass building the house in its entirety.  And our third and final phase will be the finer and fun details such as tile flooring, tiling for the kitchen backsplash and bathroom shower, and finally, appliances.  There is no set date for completion.  All hopes are set for the beginning of summer 2010.
Every few days the dogs and I will walk up the stairs and linger on this expanse of concrete, and I’ll envision placement of a hardy leather couch and two chairs in the gameroom next to the fireplace, able to withstand an ongoing crowd of families and friends.  I see great times of us all screaming and yelling while watching soccer matches or a scary DVD.  And there sits my dad in his wheelchair observing and enjoying all the action.
I can see a large round table in the middle of it all filled with Scrabble and Scattergories fans or a dueling game of Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  By the way, there’s no cheating allowed in the guesthouse.
When I took these pictures, I wanted to give Mike a chance to see what the view from his office would be.  Upon developing the plans with the architect, I made certain the corner wall space in his office was minimal where the east- and south-facing walls connect, providing more precious inches of a backyard view, and that the remaining walls are comprised of as much window that is architecturally possible.
So to you, Mike, I dedicate this post.  As you continue to work your butt off daily to reach this amazing goal of ours, never stop envisioning our dream that is just within reach. The boys and I know you deserve this room with a view more than anything. 
Mike loves Zach Gill, and one of his favorite songs from Zach is Don’t Touch My Stuff.  This video is a little far out, but the words are so Mike.  This office will be his sanctuary full of Jeep models, skateboard decks, matted and framed Jeep brand and favorite musical artist posters, and lots of other stuff.  So don’t touch. 

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2 Responses to A Room With A View

  1. Carla says:

    I am so excited that you are able to watch your dream come true right in front of you. I know your family will create so many more beautiful memories in your new addition!

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