She’s Safe


So here I am all wrapped up in that favorite blanket of mine.  I picked this faux bear fur blanket up from Target in January, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.  It’s been to soccer games, practices, hotels, and car rides.  Okay.  I know that’s funny and somewhat odd, but if you touched this blanket, you would know what I mean.  I purchased one for my soccer friend Teresa, and she too is very protective of her blankie.  I actually went online and back to Target to try to find more to hoard away for presents…maybe.  But no luck.  The secret was out.

This BlackBerry picture was taken at a Rancho Cucamonga Quakes baseball game last week.  And as I dozed off  before the seventh-inning stretch, I realized why I like soccer so much.  Okay, baseball fans, hold your comments.  I do like baseball too, and I’ll always support my hometown team.  I just find myself wandering off, paying more attention to the licorice and cotton candy man and the person sitting in front of me than who’s at bat.  But we did eat a great hot dog with ketchup, a cheesy pretzel, and some blue cotton candy. 

After mascots Tremor and Aftershock performed their horseplay, we dodged a few foul balls and watched some out-of-the-park-and-the-ball-could-have-hit-our-car home runs, the Blaze charred the Quakes 4 to 3.  See you later, Quakes Stadium.  We’ll be back on the 4th of July, sans the Quakes, for the 4th of July fireworks celebration. 

We’ve been loving Shawn Mullins for over a decade.  The Soul’s Core album is a home run on my stats. 


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5 Responses to She’s Safe

  1. That Pretzel was YUMMY! – Nick V : – )

  2. Kittykatt3 says:

    Hi Kristi,
    That blankey sure looks soooo nice and warm,,,can u send it to me? Its freezing cold in usually sunny Sydney,,,lol,,,hope ur all well,,,,hugz and kisses Kitty 😉

  3. Wow! Must’ve been warm ‘n toasty! Hahaha, your sons are very talented with their blogging, and now I know who they get it from 😆 . Keep it up, and hope your blanket doesn’t wear out!
    ~ Pippy

  4. livevitale says:

    Pippy212, Thanks a bunch! Hope you enjoy our site. Oh, and by the way, I have an extra blanket, just in case. Shhhh.

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