The Center Of Our Galaxy

Memorycard1 4105

Since our Rancho Cucamonga Flames had a tournament-free weekend, there was no better way to spend our open Saturday evening than watching a Los Angeles Galaxy soccer game together.  So on a cool night in Carson at the Home Depot Center, the pressure was off of the Flames and, in turn, on the Galaxy as they worked for a win to halt their 8-game-tie streak.  And as the Flames took their Parade of Champions walk on the soccer field before the game, their siblings enjoyed the High-Five Line, where they slapped hands with the Galaxy players.  It was a fun night filled with laughter, joking, and too many pounding Galaxy thunder sticks.  And after a Galaxy red card and as the three-minute stoppage time came to an end, the Galaxy continued their tie streak with a final score of 1 to 1 against the Kansas City Wizards.

So as we all begin our busy week ahead where the Flames families will prepare for end-of-the-school-year activities such as attending field trips, getting ready for dances, and purchasing outfits for upcoming promotions and deserving teacher gifts, we will also begin packing and start preparing for our last tournament this weekend.  We will fill our proudly pinned large, red Flames bags with our team uniforms, swimming trunks, and iPods.  We will plan for our last team camp lunch.  And, win or lose, we will prepare for the best weekend yet of our Flames journey.

See you in Santa Barbara, My Flames Friends.

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5 Responses to The Center Of Our Galaxy

  1. Carla Silva says:

    These pics are great. It’s so funny how Mike is still looking at the camera and smiling huge in the distant shots. It was fun hanging out with you guys. I know Mando had a blast with Mike too.

    • livevitale says:

      When I got back to my seat, I was showing Mike the audience shots, and we were laughing at the same thing too! He’s like, “Look at me!” He’s such a ham.

  2. Kittykatt3 says:

    Hi there,,,wow wat great pics of the LA Galaxy game,,Nick told me all about it,,,and it was sooo nice to see the cute pics of Nick too,,,,oh and a great vid of ur soccer team bbq,,,awwww,,,wish I was there,,,,thanx for the great pics and vids,,,hugz and kisses Kitty xoxoxoxoxo

  3. livevitale says:

    We wish you were here too, Kitty. Thanks for saying hi! Hugs and kisses, Kristi

  4. hockeysocks3 says:

    lol nick i have braces thay stink! lol

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