The Faith Of Barack Obama ~ Stephen Mansfield

The Faith of Barack Obama by Mansfield Mansfield: Book Cover

The Faith of Barack Obama is a deep and insightful look into the religious mind that inspires the heart of our President.  This book answers all of my questions regarding the controversial issues of President Obama’s involvement in the Trinity United Church of Christ and provides the desired explanation as to why Barack Obama chose Trinity as his place of worship. 
 I will lightly quote this book to give you a brief but interesting summation of Barack Obama.  I find this paragraph a perfect image of the President I so admire:  Already his journey has become, perhaps more than with most politicians, the method of his message.  He is the mulatto child born to an atheist home and to a mother whose baby-boomer wanderings sometimes left the family on food stamps.  He is the gifted black teenager searching for place and belonging in the exploding cultures of the 1970’s.  He is a Columbia University graduate working against type in the inner-city neighborhoods of Chicago.  He is the godless, aimless one finding Jesus and spiritual home in a church on Chicago’s South Side.  And he is an astonishingly blessed politician who still walks between worlds — the black and the white, the believing and the secular, the challenged and the privileged, the older generations and the next — giving hope for the healing of our land.” 


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