Strawberry Fields Forever

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The Strawberry Cup is complete, and the Rancho Cucamonga Flames have returned home from a bittersweet weekend in Camarillo.  Our boys walked away with something much more noble than a hardware necklace or a towering trophy.  The Flames instead wore something much more significant and powerful, something intangible, something only deserving to a team of 15 proud boys:  the invisible cloak of pride, class, and integrity.

With strawberries and BlackBerries abound — our BlackBerry-sponsored chairs and wind runner, that is — all you saw when the sun finally broke through the clouds was a SEA OF RED.  The Flames canopy-filled camp —  always seeming to be the largest in dimension and of highest occupancy at each and every tournament — was sizzling with a carne asada BBQ, silly-string ambushes, parents catching up on their current reads and talking about the times, and kids enjoying their Jamba Juice blends.

Thank you to Research in Motion, BlackBerry, for your generous sponsorship of the AYSO Select Rancho Cucamonga Flames Soccer team of U14 boys.  We are so grateful.  And we look so awesome.

So our adventure consisted of three games over Saturday and Sunday.  Our first and third games were suprising losses, and all in observation knew the Flames were just minutes, and even seconds, away from nothing but net to get their tie or win.

But it was our second game at 5:30 on a cool, wind-blown Saturday evening that was a pure astonishing stunner.  The Flames remained scoreless as the half-time whistle blew, and our opponent was ahead by two — our rough-and-tough, down-and-DIRTY-playing opponent.  There was pressure and we were angry, to put it mildly.

The videos below contain highlights of Saturday and then take you into the evening game when the Flames made an astounding comeback in the fourth quarter, scoring THREE goals, handing themselves their much-deserved win.  There was pushing.  There was shoving.  And there was threatening.  But our Flames knew there is such a thing as a man being too proud to fight.  ~ Woodrow T. Wilson.

Next and second to the last stop, the Great Western Shootout in La Verne, May 23rd and 24th. 

If you prefer Kanye West over hard rock, you can turn down the volume on the videos and turn up “Amazing.”

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