Flip Flops

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Mother’s day was sweet and simple.  We munched on Wahoo’s, drank my beloved iced tea with orange slices, sipped on wine while the cousins did some swimming, and just enjoyed the afternoon with Mike’s family.  As you know, I’m usually the event memory keeper with my few dozen or so family pictures.  This holiday I took a vacation from the camera.

At the end of the day, my obsession got the best of me, and I went into photo withdrawals.  So I had Noah snap one of me.  I took one of him.  And we called it a day. 

But after some frozen yogurt, we went inside, and I opened up my Mother’s Day gift from Mike and the boys.  Now I have a second passion.  My new Flip Video Mino HD.  So I thought I would use the animal life around the house to experiment with my first video, but some adorable humans got in the way.

Let me just say I put this video together in less than ten minutes, including the five minutes and forty-eight seconds it took to take the video.  Super cool gadget.  I’m hooked.


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4 Responses to Flip Flops

  1. performer101 says:

    wow that was a great video. looks like noah is a little camera shy! 🙂

  2. Hailey says:

    That was a cool video Kristie!!
    ~hailey =)

  3. livevitale says:

    Thanks, Hailey! Hope you are doing great! Miss you! Kristi

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