All I Need Is Your TLC, Almay


Every year around springtime I start to wonder whether the makeup I am using — perhaps a favorite concealer or perfect lipstick — will become obsolete due to a cosmetic company’s desire to develop new and fresh products, something I wish they really took a national poll on because I’m over in my corner of the world thinking, “Hey, what about me?  I loved it.  I was your faithful customer.”  And believe me, good makeup, makeup that works, that does its job well, when you take it away from a girl, it’s kind of like swiping a lollipop from your toddler, taking a treat from your dog, or telling Mike that Chrysler Jeep is now bankrupt.

So recently I was on the hunt for a new face powder since the one I was using became permanently unavailable; and since I would probably rate myself an 8.0 on the Richter scale when it comes to skin sensitivity, my choices were limited.  So I started my search for a powder that blended well, looked natural and not pasty, gave me a little glow, something that could even take the place of my foundation, which frankly I am tired of wearing.  So I purchased and tried approximately five or six different brands and shades, all of which either caused my face to itch like crazy or just looked downright unnatural.  

And then it happened.  In the Target aisle, I found my makeup savior:  Almay TLC, Truly Lasting Color Pressed Powder.  It has SPF 12, and my color match is medium.  This compact powder glides on so naturally, so smoothly, maintains coverage all day, and hides flaws instantly, so perfectly that I have given up on my foundation.  This powder does all the work.  I’m just crazy about it.

So come on, World, let’s show Almay how much we love this product.  I’m hoping I never have to go on another makeup pursuit again.  But I have to admit, I already have a BIG stockpile just in case. 

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2 Responses to All I Need Is Your TLC, Almay

  1. ~Anton2k5~ says:

    Hey, awesome post mom! I love the song and the video! Thanks, Nick V.

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