RC Grape Stomp

The Rancho Cucamonga Grape Stomp is complete, and Nick’s Flames took home a rewarding 3rd place medal.  I know you wanted the championship, boys, but that’s okay.  You played like warriors.  You are fighters.  We have many more tournaments ahead to take it all home.   Next match,  “Kickin’ It In Up The Hills,” in Chino Hills, April 4th and 5th.   Go Flames!










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Yay,,looks like an awesome performance pengy…well done…wish i was there to watch u perform…I also love acting and drama too..and u made a lovely prince…The photos are amazing…a cast of thousands lol…..yay…..
Congrats Jeep,,third place medal is awesome..we were in our netball grandfinals for the 4th year in a row,,and once again lost…..i know how much it means to win,,,but its also about the fun we have with our friends….but that winners trophy would have looked nice on my shelf…lol…hugz :-)


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